Saturday, February 1, 2014


While I was sleeping, the canvas of the city got a fresh coat of white paint.  It has been a long winter and it is only February first.  I feel like Phil in Groundhogs Day.  This winter is never going to end.  Hopefully when it does end we will be rewarded with a glorious spring.

This morning however, because it is a Saturday, the world feels less hurried about clearing paths to get out.  I have the weekend off so I am not in any hurry either.  I wonder only briefly if the day shift made it to work or if the night shift had to stay over.  I took a cab part way home last night after work because I had to pick up my billfold that I had left at a restaurant the night before.  The roads were already becoming slick and the cabby was going home after he dropped me off.  "Too dangerous" he said.  "Not worth it.  And it isn't busy anyway".

I have taken a lot of cab rides this winter.  Mostly to work when the temperatures drop below 0.  I don't mind the snow, I can get around in the snow not having a car and being only 4 blocks from the train. But I hate the bitter cold with the wind chills in the minus 40's. When the temperatures reach the twenties it seems almost balmy.  A friend has already been out this morning and texts that it is actually warm.

I texted someone yesterday that I had been hibernating since December 1.  Although it seems that way, I suppose it is not actually true.  I do tend to stay in my bed on the extremely cold days because the apartment is not warm on those days, only getting up to call a cab to get to work.  Poor Rachel, living in New Orleans doesn't have any heat in her apartment and had to finally get space heaters because it has been cold (relatively) there.  But my friendships continue and I get out for breakfast some days or lunch on my days off.  I have seen lots of movies and several plays.  A friend's niece was in the chorus of The Sweet Smell of Success.  Later I heard she had a terrible migraine through the whole musical but you would never have know it.  She was the most animated one out there with the highest kicks during the dance scenes.  I know I will be saying I saw her when.  We all work and carry on most days no mater how we feel or the weather outside.  I am suppose to see a play tonight with a group of friends.  We will see if we carry on as the snow continues to fall outside.

Tomorrow my movie group meets in Evanston.  I am doing a double feature seeing Groundhogs Day at two and the Dallas Buys Club at 5.  Can't get much interest for the first but 13 people are signed up for the second and dinner after.  All people I know.  Maybe one or two first timers that won't actually show up. The nature of meetups.  I have seen both movies.  While radically different there are similarities in that both main characters under go enormous transformation in character.  But then that is what movies are about and why I go see them.  To see how the characters face events in their lives, good and bad, and how they are changed by those events.


  1. This blog is for my sister-law-Cathy who sends me beautiful cards with her photographs and little silver snowflakes that seem to disappear and then show up everywhere and when I see them I think of her.

  2. Gail, Thank you for the blog and this is creepy.... About two weeks ago I watched a Marvin Hamlisch Special. It was so interesting with great music. Marvin was so talented and seemed like a good guy. The last musical he wrote was "Sweet Smell of Success" and the musical was shown on this "Special. I loved the music and immediately emailed my friend Lesley to see if she had the music. She didn't but the library had it and I listened to it over and over. One of the actors was Brian D'Arcy James, I listen to him on "Pandora" because he has such a wonderful voice. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. love, cathy

  3. Very nice reading! I also love when it is snowing during the night, and in the morning everything is covered with white and beautiful snow!