Sunday, May 6, 2012

Old Town School of Music

The Old Town School of Music is one of Chicago's most unique cultural centers.  Founded in 1957, Old Town has moved to various locations finally ending up close to me in Lincoln Square.  The school offers both individual and group lessons in many instruments (including djembe) as well as all types of dance classes.  There are now 6600 students that take weekly classes a third being children.  Concerts featuring music from around the world are a daily happening.  Completion of a new building across from the old building in Lincoln Square boasts state of the art in both acoustics and ecology. 

I bring this all up because I am now one of their newest volunteers having gone through the 2 hour orientation yesterday.  As a volunteer I can earn points to use towards classes and concerts.  I can meet new people and there are an awful lot of old guys taking guitar lessons.  A friend who use to take guitar lessons there says it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.  We'll see about that.   Oh yea and I can help the school promote music and culture with in my community. 

In the new building

Part of the new building

Cute guy playing a Dobro.  Sounded great.  Says he has been playing for years.
 Pictures taken with the new camera.

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